Soy and Gluten Free Makeup

Finding soy and gluten free makeup is an uphill struggle for many individuals. I myself have experienced several obstacles when it comes to finding makeup that is not only soy and gluten free, but also won’t break out my sensitive skin. Throughout my years in searching for makeup that won’t affect allergic skin types, I have found some staples which I think would be helpful for those of you in search of products. Please keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different and individuals have soy or gluten allergies to different degrees. My goal is simply to help those of you who would like to try products that are soy and gluten free. I really hope you see some benefits when making the switch to soy and gluten free makeup.

My recommendation for those of you who have allergic skin types, is to stay away from wearing too much makeup unless you need it. For many of us, makeup is a security blanket and it provides a confidence boost. If you wear makeup on a regular basis I believe that mineral makeup is certainly the way to go. It is perfect for sensitive skin types and it very rarely breaks people out, as long as the correct ingredients are in the product. For individuals with a soy and gluten allergy minimal ingredients are the best and this is generally in the form of powdered makeup.

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals has a wonderful range of mineral makeup which caters to all skin colors, with both regular and matte finishes. If you are acne prone I highly recommend using the Bare Minerals Matte powder foundation, as the regular version contains bismuth oxychloride, which is known to cause or aggravate cystic acne. The matte version is free from this ingredient and it is soy and gluten free as well. The blushes, bronzers and  eyeshadows in the line are soy and gluten free however they do contain bismuth oxychloride, that said I recommend getting a sample and seeing how your skin reacts prior to investing in the products. I personally love their matte foundations, I have never had any problems with it and it is easily accessible in stores like Sephora and some drug stores. Please keep in mind that their tocopherol is soy derived and this is not in the powder foundations however, many of their lip glosses, cream concealers, mascaras and liners have this ingredient. I would also advise you to stay away from the glycerin in their products as it may be soy derived.

Bare Minerals Matte

Afterglow cosmetics

Afterglow cosmetics is another great brand which has soy and gluten free products. Their mineral foundations come in a great selection of colors ranges and they are infused with ingredients including grapefruit and rosemary which is good for the skin. Afterglow cosmetics is not very readily available unfortunately and it is a brand that would most likely need to be ordered online. Regardless of that, the under eye concealers, pencil eyeliners, loose mineral eyeshadows, loose blushes and loose bronzers are all soy free and the whole Afterglow line is gluten free.


Itay Mineral Cosmetics

Another excellent mineral line is Itay Mineral Cosmetics, which again is available to purchase online. This line is a little pricier than other mineral makeup brands but they have a wonderful shade range of loose mineral foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, lip liners and bronzers. I haven’t found any of the ingredients in these products to be soy or gluten derived. The other products from the line including the lipsticks and glosses may contain soy or gluten so please keep that in mind.


Sheer Cover

For those of you with skin types that don’t react to bismuth oxychloride Sheer Cover makes some really great soy and gluten free powder foundations and bronzers that are available at some mall kiosks and online. Although its not certain that this ingredient is in all their mineral makeup, the packkaging says it may contain bismuth oxychloride. I have used Sheer Cover’s mineral foundations with no problems and no breakouts. I highly recommend this mineral foundation if you are not reactive to bismuth oxychloride as it has become one of my favorites.

Gorgio Armani

For those of you who are not getting enough coverage from mineral foundations, one excellent liquid foundation which should be good for all skin types is the Gorgio Armani luminous silk foundation. I called and confirmed with Armani cosmetics that this product and their loose powder is soy and gluten free. They did advise me that formulations can change so it would be a good idea to call their customer service line a double check reformulations every now and then. The last I spoke to them I was told that this product was safe to use for people with soy and gluten allergies. The coverage in the product is great, it provides a dewy natural finish and it never caused me to break out. For those of you that break out from alcohol or glycerin in makeup, this product does contain alcohol and glycerin so I would steer clear of that. Otherwise, I would recommend giving this a try if you dislike mineral makeup.



CoverFX is another great makeup line that makes soy and gluten free liquid and cream foundations. I did call to confirm this as well with the company and they advised me that they do not use soy or gluten derived ingredients in their liquid foundation and cream foundation. They also confirmed with me that their tocopherol is synthetic (chemically made). These products do contain glycerin for those of you with a glycerin allergy. CoverFX cream and liquid foundations provides great full coverage, with a dewy finish. If you are interested in a matte finish these products definitely need to be set with a powder after application. They make a pressed powder foundation compact which is also soy and gluten free and can be used to set the makeup. If you do not want to invest in too many products, other powders to work well to set the foundation as well. As with every cosmetics company, I always recommend calling to confirm with the company ever so often, on your own, as all cosmetic ingredients are subject to change. Double checking is essential any time allergies are involved.

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Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever is a great line which is available at Sephora. They have an HD Microfinish Powder which would be good to set foundations. Make up For Ever also makes really great Star Powders (loose shadow) and Pure Pigments which are my favorite for eye makeup. It provides a beautiful silky, shimmery finish and they are very pigmented which I love. The quality of their loose eye colors are definitely worth investing in and I love that the ingredients are more minimal so I know what is going on my face. The Aqua Creams Shadows, Aqua Black Cream Shadow (Liner), Aqua Seal and Glitters are also soy and gluten free. Getting a hold of the reps for this line was very difficult for me as they do not have a customer service number. I did get to speak to someone and they told told me that their full cover concealer was soy and gluten free. Although that product was free of soy and gluten my skin broke out from the product and that could be because my skin is too sensitive. I did however like the coverage and the consistency of the concealer. All the other products that I recommended from this line worked excellent for me and I haven’t had any problems with them. The rep did notify me that the tocopherol in the line is soy derived and sometimes gluten derived. I would highly advise you to check them out if your in search for some great quality, pigmented eye makeup. Make Up For Ever is available at Sephora and they are great at giving out samples for you to try before you buy! For a cheaper drug store alternative NYX Roll On Shimmers are very comparable and they are soy and gluten free!

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Lancome is much more accessible then some of the other brands that I have mentioned. They make a great primer with minimal ingredients called La Base Pro and I find that this product does the job great and it keeps makeup in place. It’s good for all skin types however, this product is expensive as compared to some of the other primers on the market. I have chosen to invest in it because my skin is very comfortable with the formulation and I haven’t felt the need to replace it. Lancome also makes Rouge In Love lipstick and Gloss In Love lipgloss which I confirmed with the company doesn’t contain soy. I will repeat that it would be good for you to double check as formulations can change, but I as a test monkey do continue to use the gloss and lipstick with no adverse reactions. I am not sure that this product has any gluten in it so that would be another thing to keep in mind.

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Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier’s tocopherol is synthetic however, they do not claim for any of their products to be completely soy or gluten free due to manufacturing purposes. I do however use a couple products from the line and my skin has not at all reacted to it so I have continued with it. If you are planning on trying this line I do recommend to be cautious as my skin may be different than yours and what worked for me may react for you. I use Laura Mercier’s silk cream foundation and my skin did not react to it, in fact it provides a good coverage and it is good for acne prone skin. The Laura Mercier Secret Concealer does not having any ingredients that should be derived from soy or gluten other than the tocopherol which is supposed to be chemically made and not soy or gluten derived. This product is too greasy to use on the face especially if you have acne prone or oily skin as it may break you out. I like using the Secret Concealer under the eye area as it is very good coverage and it doesn’t harm the delicate under eye area. Laura Mercier’s Creme Eye Liner is another great soy free, gluten free product which comes in six shades and it is great as an alternative to Mac’s Fluidline which does contain soy. Laura Mercier is again available at Sephora and some department stores.

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If you are not a fan of cream/gel eye liners, Eyeko has the Skinny Liquid Eyeliner which is a liquid pen liner that is newly carried at Sephora. This product has very few ingredients and I haven’t found it to contain any soy or gluten. The Skinny Liquid Eyeliner is easy to use for beginners, it has a firm felt tip and I haven’t had any allergic reactions when using it. It is a great option for those who have difficulty with eye liner application and for those of you who don’t like pencil or gel/cream liners.

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Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale also has some soy and gluten free makeup including their pure pressed eye shadows, active light under-eye concealer, cream to powder liner, hydration setting spray, pure pressed blush and 24 karat gold dust which comes in a couple shades and works as a highlighter. Jane Iredale infuses their makeup with healthy, beneficial ingredients and it is really good for problem skin types. Jane Iredale is available online and at certain spas.

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The Balm

I contacted The Balm and they informed me that all of their products are gluten free. They also told me that their Frat Boy Blush, Bahama Mama Bronzer and Staniac Lip Stains (all 3 Shades) are all soy free. The Balm’s customer service is great at getting back to customers with allergy concerns so if there are other products from the company you are interested in trying out I highly recommend e-mailing them. These products have all worked very well for me and I haven’t had any negative reactions. I definitely recommend checking out their products, it is available online and at certain drug stores!

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Additional Lip Products

If you are on the hunt for a good lip plumper that is soy and gluten free I really like Duwop’s Lip Venom, it does a pretty good job of plumping the lips and it has some good ingredients. Also for those of you looking for lip stains, Benefit’s Benetint in the red shade is soy and gluten free and it provides a natural reddish tint to the lips. For a cheaper alternative of Benetint, check out the red shade (01) Lip and Cheek Stain from The Body Shop, it has the same tinted effect on the lip and it is less pricey. Benetint is available at Sephora and Duwop is available at some drug stores.

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I really hope this information helps some of you! Best of luck on your soy and gluten free journey!!

Xo Sheena